Amplify Series 009: X-Tin

Dirty Epic presents its ninth episode of the Amplify Series podcasts, this time welcoming X-Tin aboard.

Austrian-born, she started off producing electronic music and being active part of Salzburgs underground techno szene, with two releases out on local labels. Berlin shaped her exploring worlds between dark dystopian techno, hypnotic and experimental ambient, which she blends in carefully curated mixes since 2015.
X tin, in her hometown by choice, played at many major venues and events, amongst others – THE BRVTALIST in Ohm and FLEISCH, further in Munich, Rote Sonne for Mess. Internationally, her music could be heard in Paris Champ Libre, fashion weeks Cicciolina Party, Organik festival afterparty in Korner-Taipei , PAG in Tel Aviv, EXILE and APHOTIC in New York and Volnost in Seoul.
She holds residencies in Disciplina – Vladivostok/RU, Trashera –
Berlin and Heizkeller – Salzburg.
In her own productions, field recording plays an essential role. Shapeshifting sound experiments, drifting from meditative dream like ethereal scenes to intense bone deep noise nightmares, presented in the form of live pieces for various performances by Butoh dancer VALENTIN TSZIN in Russia and various locations all over europe.
She uses sound to connect to the crowd through deep emotions and fills up the room with atmospheric intense trips in waveform. Distorting genres, blurring lines between styles and layering sceneries, while never lacking a specific taste and powerful character. An eclectic choice of rhythms are sending travellers through deep ambient, mesmerizing electronic up to dark
hypnotic- and energetic industrial techno.
Her signature is described by a room full of intense feelings, sweat and an ever lost lust for moving bodies.


Soundcloud: @x_ti_n


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