Amplify Series 083: Andrew S. (Live at Compound NYE)

Dirty Epic welcomes aboard Andrew S. for its eighty third episode of Amplify Series.

For this episode, we shine a spotlight on the visionary behind it all, Andrew Souto. As the pioneering spirit of the Dirty Epic collective and its vibrant events, Andrew has been a cornerstone of the LA underground scene, crafting nocturnal experiences free from constraints, where music aficionados unite in their shared passions for melody and techno.

Andrew’s journey in electronic music began in his youth, fueling a lifelong dedication that has since blossomed into a movement. Known for his affinity for communicative melomania, Andrew masterfully blends suave and captivating techno, curating events that have become the gold standard nationwide.
His talent for cultivating immersive techno experiences is unmatched, making Dirty Epic events one of the most sought-after gatherings for those in the know.

This special live recording from Los Angeles’ Compound New Year’s Eve is more than just a set; it’s an odyssey through the quintessential sounds that define our collective love for music, all thanks to Andrew. It’s a soundtrack for the night, guiding the community of night owls towards a shared celebration.

Words: Rodolphe Vidal and Iember Hemben

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