Franz Jäger– “Rouge” (New Rhythmic Records) [July 16, 2021]

Sweden’s Franz Jäger unleashes his four-track peak time techno EP, Rouge on New Rhythmic Records that will have you dancing until you’re red in the face. Returning with four tracks of peak time bliss, the young artist is cementing himself as a techno producer to keep an eye on.

With four years of releases under his belt, Jäger’s productions have consistently improved, all the while maintaining a level of excellence and originality that sets him apart. While many producers can make great techno, Jäger excels at designing sounds and combining elements in a way that feels new and exciting. His sound is sure to grab your attention and run away with it.

Rouge is initiated with the fun and exhilarating track “Animales Males.” From the jump, a wobbly bass tone fidgets and flutters its way into your chest. It’s difficult to sit still as the frantic hi hats blended with a thick layer of white noise begin to accentuate its exuberant rhythm. At the drop, a whooping synth that manages to creep its way in suddenly shoots off into a higher octave, sounding as if the full fervor of the sound can no longer be contained. This track tells you that Jäger means business.

Next is the track “Bottom Rush,” which takes the EP’s intensity to the next level. The hardest of the four, this track is sure to blur the lines between your go-to techno dance and head banging. A double time clap sets the groove and staggers the feel of the tune, while a ride cymbal on the downbeat creates a sense of anticipation, as if the track were an extended build up to the drop of a lifetime. If used correctly, a dj could certainly utilize this tune for bringing in their biggest break down in their arsenal, or just enjoy this wild ride for its boisterous, heavily syncopated groove.

The last track that needs to be discussed is “O Ferro.” Heavy ambience swells into a burst of more noise and texture, as crystalline rides take precedence. A detuned melody, whose pitch is disconcertingly split left and right, wages war on your mental stability. As the track progresses, so does the sporadic nature of the lead synth, which periodically bursts in every direction. In this tune, the background noise steals the show, elevating each moment of the composition and adding flavor to an already tasty beat.

If you’re looking to add some peak time techno to your collection, “Rouge” is a safe bet. Franz Jäger is a producer that shows a ton of promise, whose work stands out for its unabashed exploration of energetic dance music. With tracks as vivid and delectable as these, its only a matter of time before you see Franz taking his music all around the world. Support the artist by purchasing a copy of “Rouge” on New Rhythmic’s bandcamp in the link below.

-Jeronimo Watson

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