Amplify Series 020: Magdalena

Dirty Epic welcomes aboard Magdalena for its twelfth episode of Amplify Series.

With 18 years being part of the Latin American electronic scene, Magdalena has managed to build a career as an artist with firm foundations. DJ, producer, vocalist and label manager; This versatile artist breathes music into every pore of her skin. She was a resident of the La Sala, Cinema, Cha Cha and Lov club in Bogotá.

She has releases on Techsound, Business Class Records, We Love Bta, Inversion Records, Pz Records, Broken Mind Recordings, Panal Records, Alss, Al3movement, Illegal Alien, some remixes on Techsound, B55, Black Leather among others. In 2015, his first vinyl was released on the Broken Mind Recordings label. Desobiencia Civil includes a raw intro that reflects the social reality of the country, an original song, a remix by Myles Sergé and a dense and dark outro, the main theme of this album was played by Ben Sims in one of his podcasts in 2015. His production on PZ Records was remixed by Valentino Emme and Ilario Alicante, the remix of Ilario Alicante has been played by Slam, Rohad, among others.

The song You Should Come To Berlin He Said (WeLoveBta Rec) was played by Rebekah in the Essential Mix of 2017. In 2018 she released on BMR with the album “Straight Lines”, a new solo project under the name of Ana Gartner. Under this aka he has remixed Margarita Siempre Viva, No Hay Juventud, Estados Alterados, Sereno, among others. She released a first single in the company of Alex Bau for the Credo label, which led to an ep for International Deejay Gigolo. It was presented at the 2019 Altavoz festival, Semana de la Juventud, El Suiche, La Fresquera (musical space of the Moravia Cultural Center), at the Cometas y Techno Festival of Villa de Leyva, Antípoda and Club 303 in Bogotá. She has releases on Morfina Records, Discos Hechizos and a vinyl on BMR that features remixes by Faunes and Nausea.

She has played several times in Ecuador, was part of the Get Lost festival in Germany in 2017, at Arena club Berlin and on Melting Pot Radio. She has played in Guatemala, Peru with the Palestra collective. In Mexico, Chile, and in 2019 in New York in an OffBoiler made by the Unter collective and on The Lot Radio, and then again in 2021 with Taken.

Also played in Borderless Berlin, a live stream from Medellín to Ava Club in Berlin in 2021.
She is currently in the process of producing her second album as Ana Gartner and the next physical release from BMR. She is the curator of KUBO STREAM Thursdays in which she also has a Desobediencia Civil show.



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