Phillipe Petit – “Home Expression EP” (Seclusion) [Jan 7, 2022]

French-based label Seclusion continues a streak of high caliber content since its recent inception in spring of 2021 with four-tracker “Home Expression EP” featuring French producer, Phillipe Petit, including a banging remix from Disruptive Pattern Material. 

The title track starts off with a classic, techno drum groove and a rolling bassline that chugs along, maintaining a fast-paced mood. Delayed acid plucks and filtered pads keep the minimal warehouse sounds afloat, adhering to the otherworldly vibes that define the Seclusion label.

Disruptive Pattern Material represents Michigan and highlights Seclusion’s love for the sounds of Detroit with a jacking, in-your-face remix of “Home Expression”. Drawing on the source material with complete reimagining, the remix creates new peaks and valleys of energy and gives the track a completely different feeling while keeping the original groove locked in.

“Sanctuary” starts off the B-side with a brisk tempo and a rhythm that meshes well with quicker known Detroit styles like jit and ghetto tech. Proving his mastery of the minimal drums, bass, and synth sounds, Petit evolves each element to its fullest while keeping your body in movement throughout with the succinctly arranged drum patterns.

“I Found It” rounds out the EP with a laid-back mood that juxtaposes the rest of the intense numbers. Heady organ stabs add to the rhythm and warble around, keeping the sound fresh, while Petit provides a hearty drum workout for dancefloors to enjoy.

“Home Expression EP” delivers undeniably danceable techno tracks, making for another tasteful release from Seclusion. The entire release brings a groovy aspect to the newly formed, spacey sounding record label while still staying true to its minimal ethos.

-Kai Loo

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