Amplify Series 036: Faux Naïf

Dirty Epic welcomes aboard @faux_naif for its thirty seventh episode of Amplify Series.

faux naif is based in London and holds her own event series Mouth II Mouth, curating sounds that showcase the underrepresented genres of EBM, Darkwave, Post Punk & Synth/ Goth across the dancefloors of London.

She provides a platform for these sounds through radio shows, via a residency on Threads & Balamii radio, as well as her own biannual event series M II M (mouthiimouth). Her events take place at intimate venues across London. This year M II M will host its own room at fabric, London.

Performing in venues such as Electrowerkz , fabric, Corsica Studios, FOLD and for legendary London parties such as Kaos, Verboten UNFOLD, Jaded, Slimelight and Torture Garden, faux
naïf has a passion for the London underground music scene. She is a regular DJ on the London fetish and kink circuit. She has also performed in Berlin’s iconic club Tresor & Kit Kat Klub.

Previous bookings have seen her playing alongside artists such as Regis, Silent Servant, Ancient Methods, Adam X, Broken English Club, Death In Vegas, I Hate Models, Violet Poison, Years Of Denial, Blush Response, Sarin, Zanias and Ugandan Methods, VTSS & JK Flesh.

2021 saw her take part in the UNSTREAM sessions at FOLD, joined forces with Regis on a special co-host show ‘The Future is dead (and the past won’t stop happening) and recent guest slots on Tbilisi based Mutant Radio, including the Live broadcast for Mutant Radio Boat gathering.


Soundcloud: @faux_naif

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