Planetary Assault Systems – “Devotion” EP (Token Records) [June 10, 2022]

Token Records welcomes back Luke Slater under his Planetary Assault Systems moniker with “Devotion” EP as an extension to his hugely successful “Skyscraping” LP released on the Belgian label late last year. Following the full album and his “Say It Loud” EP released prior, Slater reissues “Devotion”, a single off the acclaimed long-play, with a fresh remix from Truncate as well as a new original with a remix by Barker.

David Flores aka Truncate’s take on “Devotion” pumps the Los Angeles artist’s punchy, minimal life-blood into the original, focusing on a hearty relentless groove and a crisp, clean mixdown catered to the warehouse crowd. Truncate hits a home run with making the spacey original his own, only fully bringing the original melody back in once towards the end before returning to his hard-knocking, signature, funk-filled minimal beats.

“Eden Tide” blasts you back out of the atmosphere, painting pitch-black scenery with tripped-out, anxiety-inducing background noises and dissonant synth tunings that will make your blood curdle. Slowly building tension, Slater carefully programs his out-of-this-world drums to subtly rise until exquisitely planned explosions of energy save you from the eternal doom he had you believing was your destiny.

To finalize the record, Berghain resident Barker chops up “Eden Tide” with some class, giving an optimistic ending to an otherwise unholy “Devotion” EP. First and foremost, the UK-born/Berlin-based producer drops the kick drums for an ambient take on the source material. Replacing the drums with machine-like rhythms built into organic percussion and a plethora of psychedelic background noises, Barker creates a unique journey solidified with his own melodic injections that fit right in with the original. Sedating you all the way to the long fade-out, the final track works as a great palettecleanser to the otherwise fierce record.

“Devotion” is available now on most digital and streaming platforms as well as on vinyl.

-Kai Loo

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