Marco Lenzi – “Taboo Remixes Vol. 2” (Molecular) [August 5, 2022]

Veteran Techno producer Marco Lenzi celebrates 20 years of his Molecular Recordings label with “Taboo Remixes Vol. 2”—a three volume remix series based on his original, groovy and tribal flavored track “Taboo”. Top-rate remix talent is featured here with Inigo Kennedy, Exos, Lory D, and Hiroshi Watanabe.

If you’re familiar with the history of Techno and the underground labels that shaped Techno, Molecular Recordings has got to be in the crates of quite a few top players in the scene. There aren’t too many people who don’t know of Marco Lenzi and the history of the label which has worked with Chris Liebing, DJ Bone, Jeroen Schrijvershof, and was a big proponent of Inigo Kennedy’s early work in the late ‘90s. It is why it’s lovely to see Inigo Kennedy kick off the second volume in the three part remix series. 

Kennedy’s remix is a really masterful take on the original with a broken Techno beat and a slowed, reduced treatment on the original main synth line with a very soulful and nostalgic effect, yet the track maintains all the tribal energy of the original. Exos’ remix takes the energy of the original and distills it into an uptempo and fist-bumping Techno workout that will fit into any hard-jacking, peak time slot. 

Lory D’s remix is a wobbly and drunkenly modulated Acid line that’s slow and groovy and maintains a happy blissfulness in the energy of the many-layered background elements. Hiroshi Watanabe closes out the “Taboo Remixes Vol. 2” EP with a focused, deep synth line hinting at the original progression. The tribal elements are compressed and high passed into the cymbal layer to create this fast, euphoric, and gliding feel. Then, with a caring hand, Watanabe brings us back to earth after the last break.

It’s been great to listen through these EPs and get a real sense of how other producers would approach the stems of “Taboo” effectively. The Claude Young remix on volume one as well as Jeroen Search’s take on it goes in a wide variety of ways, as well as the remixes on this latest EP. Techno is really one of those forms of music that, like Jazz, is all about putting soul and style into the machines. Props to Lenzi and Molecular Recordings for prioritizing style, artistry, and keeping the soul of Techno alive on his label for nearly 20 years. Take a deep dive into the catalog and you’ll be sure to find something to love.

-Sean Ocean

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