Viers – “Summoning Salt” (Typeless) [July 29, 2022]

Welsh label Typeless returns with a six track EP from Viers titled “Summoning Salt”.

Viers is a Leeds-based producer and DJ with a long track record of stellar releases ranging from Techno, Electro, House, IDM, and nearly everything in between. Sometimes stripped back but more often complex, adventurous and unrestrained, his productions stand out for being notably bold and authentic. With several releases already under his belt on highly respected labels including Turbo, Figure, and Let’s Play House, Viers now returns to Typeless Records with exceptional six-track release “Summoning Salt”.

The title track, “Summoning Salt,” perfectly demonstrates Viers’ unabashed musical sensibility. As the beat steadily creeps in, a dribbling bass line begins to emerge. It isn’t until about two and a half minutes in however that Viers reveals a truly powerful Electro drop; a sure-fire dance floor weapon, it is filled to the brim with funk, spunk, and pizzazz. The second track “Floris” takes a very different approach. Brisk, glitchy, and playful, this tune is light and breezy in comparison to the first. While radiant melodies relax the body and mind, Viers simultaneously goes to town with intricate chops and experimental sonic manipulations that keep the track infinitely interesting, even after multiple listens. Track five of the record, titled “Tell Me,” mixes things up further with a halftime, highly swung beat that feels much closer to Dubstep than House or Techno. Yet all the trappings of energetic dance beats still remain, helping to keep the track very much in line with Viers’ signature ‘no rules’ approach. Lastly, the closing track, “Feeling Like This,” seemingly combines all aspects of the previous tracks, rolled together into something truly distinct and pleasurable. 

Viers’ latest “Summoning Salt” record is an explorative journey into uncharted territory; one that simultaneously features epic grooves for the dance floor as well as profound moments of introspection. Support the artist and label by purchasing a vinyl copy or a digital download via the link above. 

-Jeronimo Watson

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