Zisko – “State of Revolution” (Suara) [September 9, 2022]

Freshman Buenos Aires Techno producer Zisko releases his 3rd career EP “State of Revolution” on Suara.

This seems to be the latest string of heavy-hitting labels to pick him up in addition to Lobster Theremin and MB Elektronics which is no surprise, since all of his releases to date exhibit a level of taste and professionalism that takes many years to develop. The “State of Revolution” comes with style, musicality, and strong rhythmic theory, making this producer someone to watch for in the coming years.

Prior to his 2020 compilation release on Lobster Theremin, the young Zisko started his Techno music journey only 7 years prior. Before that, he grew up behind a drum set. Zisko’s presence online is kind of aloof and more or less focused on the music rather than stunting on Instagram. It is more “Techno” than some veteran producers out there trying to grab that social clout while fresh-faced producers like Zisko are out there actually making music and stealing the fire.

The “State of Revolution” reminds one of the level of productions on Tomas Niewadzi or Tomie Nevada’s work on Zenit back in the day—strong rhythmically, where everything in the music has this beat and accent structure. All the parts really have an easy interplay of groove within them and the intensity of the music is very easy to lose yourself to while dancing.

Each track shows a strong love of the Techno genre and an ear that’s constantly listening in a very deep sense. It’s difficult to find anything bad in any of these tracks, since absolutely everything locks firmly in place. It just flows musically and presents that oddly satisfying feeling that only Techno can bring you, because the music just functions smoothly and easily like a well-oiled machine.

Hiss, Rove Ranger, and David Löhlein all seem to have been brought in as hired guns to give the algorithms in your online dance music distribution a good cross reference or a trackback for familiarity. Their remixes are fire, no doubt. Both the “State of Madness” and “State of Revolution” remixes are solid floor movers, pumping up the release, though Zisko’s work really stands on its own here.

It’s all just really exciting, because his music is very Techno in the truest sense of the word. It seems like Zisko has the potential to be a breakthrough artist by the end of the year or really come into his own by 2023. This is why you should definitely pick up this “State of Revolution” EP, put Zisko down in your following lists, and you’ll be sure to find some room in your sets for his work.

-Sean Ocean

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