Dubfire – “Botton Dweller” (SCI + TEC) [September 9, 2022]

With “Bottom Dweller”, Dubfire continues to release teaser EPs in preparation for the launch of a new album titled “Evolv” due October 14th on his own SCI + TEC label. This two-tracker exhibits poise, a strong groove, and a Grammy award-winning master of the genre who’s completely at home in the mix.

Some newer techno fans might not know of the groundbreaking work Deep Dish had done or how influential their Washington DC-based label Yoshitoshi was in the underground, but if you’re a regular Techno head from back in the day, you might still find yourself grooving and adding some unmissable Yoshitoshi tracks into your sets. The influence of Deep Dish, and half of the duo, Dubfire is unmissable in the history of the Techno scene. Fast forward to 2007, DubFire then started his own SCI + TEC label to help continue pushing peak time Techno with the grittier elements of Yoshitoshi’s past and continuing the themes of dark, restrained elegance in this solo incarnation. 

Here again, on this Bottom Dweller EP, we hear Dubfire humbly banging it out on the title track. The sound is interesting, because it crosses several colors of Techno at present. It definitely has a strong disembodied feel that leans heavily into the swing and is not overly processed or glossy. The track does a wonderful job of setting up some more epic elements. Not only that, but if it seems any of this is intentional, mind you, it’s just that Dubfire is Dubfire and has had his foot in all of these scenes for many years. The sound isn’t reaching or patronizing these scenes, it’s just who he is.

That is the brilliance of the work represented here. Dubfire’s vast experience really shines through, and it feels like the music is merely an extension of his imagination. There are no barriers to the creative process. It’s a perpetual flow state, and the style represented is a reflection of the man’s personality. Ultimately it’s what you’re looking for in Techno—music that is utility, functional as dance music, and has a satisfyingly innate sense of artistry and style. 

“Bottom Dweller” is a fine addition to any set, and the grittier “Meltdown Mix“ gives just a little more edge to the track for situations that call for such. Or if you’re interested in doing an extended mix of the original track, the “Meltdown Mix” is a great way to extend the sound or sandwich another layered track into a really creative blend.

This “Bottom Dweller” EP is just the second in the line of teasers for the forthcoming “Evolve” Album in October. The previous August release of “Escape” and “Elevation” will definitely give you the sense of the trajectory that lies ahead as well. Definitely check those out and hook up the album which is on preorder off the SCI + TEC site or Bandcamp page linked above.

-Sean Ocean

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