Amplify Series 047: Amnesiac Host

Dirty Epic welcomes Amnesiac Host for its forty seventh episode of Amplify Series.

Amnesiac Host started experimenting with techno around 2015, but the inspiration for the project came in 2017 after moving to Los Angeles. He then connected with like-minded producers Monix and Komprezzor in May 2018, who hosted him as a guest artist at the ‘100% Live Techno’ Movement opening party, where he premiered a well-received hardware set.

In 2019, he self-released his debut EP ‘nmap’ and followed with another EP ‘Manhattan Directorate’ on Darkroom Bureau. Then in 2020, he released ‘Nerion Shelter’ on Colombia-based Mephyst Label and made several V/A appearances for LA-based Operandi Records and The Black Lodge, before returning to Darkroom Bureau in August 2022 to release the ‘Two-Sided Ideal’ EP. In support of the EP, he played a DJ set for the PHAASER party in Nashville and a hardware set for FANTASY1 in Austin.

The DJ mix Amnesiac Host delivers here was also recorded in August, exclusively for Dirty Epic. In his own words, “I returned from the live dates wanting to focus on two things. First, sourcing more Darkroom Bureau releases: the opening track in this mix is a submission from Mt. Borracho, an experimental artist who I met when I played in Austin. The second focus I had was to write faster tracks with deeper grooves: the track I start fading in around the 11 minute mark is one example of this, and it’s the first thing I recorded after the release of Two-Sided Ideal.


Soundcloud: @amnesiac_host

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