Amplify Series 054: Puritan

Dirty Epic welcomes aboard Puritan for its fifty fourth episode of Amplify Series.

Puritan is Tbilisi-based Techno project of David Japaridze, head of Murder Tbilisi imprint.

David Japaridze is someone who has been deeply involved with music for many years in various ways – Gaining his first credits in Tbilisi’s underground where he experienced the rise of Georgian Techno scene at a very young age. DJ-ing and producing since then, the artist decided to take things seriously and started to carve his own path with founding his own imprint – Murder Tbilisi. His vision and ideas led him to work with some of the most respected names in the industry, such as: Orphx, Terence Fixmer, Justin K Broadrick, Silent Servant, Ron Morelli, Reeko, Phase Fatale & Pablo Bozzi as Soft Crash and many more.

Whether as a solo artist or as a head of vital Murder Tbilisi imprint, Puritan made a name for himself as a music selector that crosses genre boundaries with ease. With hand-picked selection and perfect blend of old and new, accompanied with precise mixing technique, Puritan’s sets always carry carefully narrated story that aims to bring you on the journey where you can lose or find yourself. The Georgian perfectly manages to drag his wide array of influences into one techno frame to create perfect soundtrack for the night with never losing the danceable dynamic.

Puritan’s passion for old gems recently made him expand his musical world with ‘Puritan pres. Body Pressure’ project where he plays more soft, intimate sets with drawing inspiration from 80’s & 90’s EBM from Boy Records to the current new wave of Italo-Body Music. The moniker is home to the more explorative side of genres, such as: EBM, Italo, Electro, New Wave, Techno & other gems of untold sonic future.

With deep knowledge of the past and distinct vision of future, Puritan’s body of work makes it clear that he has come to stay and is set to leave his trace on the modern electronic music scene.


Soundcloud: @puritanlive

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