Colin Cook – “Salvatore” (Darkroom Bureau) [May 5, 2023]

Hypnotic, raw, and slamming Techno courtesy of Colin Cook arrives on the latest release from Darkroom Bureau titled “Salvatore.”

This latest release from Colin Cook features four productions exploring the Techno scape with impressive levels of depth. Representing Iowa and Midwest Techno, he channels pure, unadulterated techno with a guttural flare and passion for the craft. 

“Salvatore,” a given name by definition, releases on the US-based promotion group of Techno purveyists known as The Darkroom Bureau. The release features raucous yet composed weapons with intrepid flow and groove from start to finish.

First up comes “Pockets” for a Techno roller with quintessential warehouse kick and formidable attitude. The track plays like a butterfly in your stomach, when you hear the industrial clang and panning slap of the kick drum, you know you’re going for a ride. It’s right on the brink of that midway transition track in a DJ set. The one where the whole mood and energy is kicked up a notch, as the crowd realizes the trip’s progression is clearly on an upward trajectory.

The title track “Salvatore” comes correct with catchy effects and a tempting cadence. The integration of its rhythm shines through with crisp chops and concise percussion. Deviant intentions come alongside “Until The Lights Come On” using a familiar mantra of sorts for any underground head. The pulsating bass adds a funky twist on the spaced-out Techno scape helping it stay grounded in its groove. A warped out remix of “Salvatore” by Philadelphia’s Monix provides a touch of breaks and a smooth comedown from the previous works.

Killer variance and delivery by Colin Cook is evident on the latest Darkroom Bureau release, “Salvatore”. There is plenty of replayability between the tracks that delve deeper into music design than is obviously evident on first listen. 

-Jack Plumb

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