Lonefront – “Exegesis I” (Uncoiled) [June 11, 2023]

Midwest power player and Minneapolis Techno savant Lonefront releases the first album on their Uncoiled label. Featuring 4 distinctly Midwest Techno cuts, the “Exegesis I” vinyl has already sold out, and digital pre-sales are in high demand for this influential piece of central US Techno history.

Time and time again, Minneapolis has proven itself to be the Techno mecca of the modern Midwest music circuit and has pushed out some of the world’s most influential artists to come into play on a global scale. Well-articulated, stripped-down styles combined with a healthy respect for the origins of the music have created a unique environment and ecosystem unparalleled by many regions in the US. 

Within this notable pocket of talent and individuality, the culture of underground music thrives on practices and venues built around the ideology of living exclusively in the moment and being present on the dancefloors with the idea that immersion in the auditory movements is more important than social mediums or promotion tactics that are seen across the board in most major metros and beyond. 

While some may see these practices as outdated or archaic in nature, they’ve allowed a uniquely powerful place for artists and DJs to grow and flourish in the nightlife. It’s no surprise to find a wealth of untapped potential or up-and-coming productions finding their way into the public purview as a result of the encouragement of the Minneapolis community. Labels such as Kajunga Records, which specializes in mind-bending cuts and movements, have provided a place to showcase some of the next artist waves from the area coming out of the depths of ambiguity to step into a more prevalent role on the major musical circuit. One such artist has been taking the region by storm and, with the recent release on their homegrown label, has stepped up into the limelight. 

Lonefront isn’t what you would consider a hidden talent per se. The artist has been putting their best foot forward since 2017 and has shown a keen, resounding ability to curate powerful releases that capture the essence of Minneapolis style without catering to a sense of trying to be the loudest on a social forum. With an impressive selection of self releases and works, along with a two track release on Kajunga, Lonefront has shown a tactful and well-placed progression up through the ranks of producers and DJs alike—all of which have come to a well-placed move into the launch of the Uncoiled imprint and the debut of the first release, “Exegesis I.”

Featuring four dynamic and stimulating cuts of pure, unapologetic Techno, the entire release is distinctly Minneapolis in nature. “6” powers into the release with off sequence bass elements and ominous pad textures before plunging down the rabbit hole of modular elements and sounds. “19” takes the release into a faster and darker tonality with acid style sequences and well-timed percussive elements. The release captures the sound that Lonefront has created a name on, and it’s no surprise the 12” records have already sold out. Digital copies are available for presale, and the release comes out in full on June 11th. 

-Colin Cook

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