Amplify Series 070: Spheric (Venaeform Special)

Dirty Epic welcomes Los Angeles label @venaeform for a special monthly takeover of its Amplify Series episode. Continuing the special takeover with @spheric-recordings

Spheric is a DJ, producer and performer in Los Angeles. Driven by his intuitive music exploration & selections, he translates his experiential thoughts, emotions and visions of an esoteric future within forgotten worlds. He often has in mind to evoke the same emotions when he first heard cutting edge sounds during the post punk era and the early underground warehouse parties in LA.

For over 5 years, Spheric is one of the resident DJs at Distorted Disco in DTLA playing forward-thinking music & broadening the sonic horizons of LA’s scene. Still actively spinning at various underground events, he has played alongside acclaimed acts such as Rhys Fulber, AXKAN, Monya, WarinD, ESA, IV Horsemen, Cervello Elettronico, Sleep Clinic & Veldt.

In 2019, he resumed producing under several unique aliases – Temaut, Sullen Fate, & Ixïan with diverse releases on Venaeform Records, Brutal Forms, Omen Recordings, Obseqvivm Records, & RND.R. He incorporates a hybrid set-up of modular, hardware, and virtual systems to create his own signature palettes of sound. As in his DJing, he prefers a different path less taken with his productions and live performances.

In late 2022, Spheric commenced a new imprint out of Los Angeles called Venaeform Records. The vinyl and digital media label will be focusing on aberrations of techno, ebm and other forward thinking electronic genres.

Soundcloud: @venaeform

Soundcloud: @spheric-recordings

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