Kassian – “Supercontinent” (!K7 Records) [May 24, 2024]

The London-based duo have been on a steady rise to prominence over the last five years with releases on !K7, Shall Not Fade, Phonica, Heist Recordings, and their own imprint Faux Poly. With tunes ranging from Techno to House and even a few bass heavy tracks thrown in there, the Kassian boys experience no shortage of musical range and can please just about anyone. The project that started in only 2019 has seen Cummings and Danvers play venues like Panorama Bar, Fabric, Watergate, and the Pickle Factor, including recently wrapping up a US tour to high acclaim. 

This latest EP “Supercontinent” starts off with “Yena” for a pulsing Techno track featuring a vocal that ensnares the ears and featuring trippy drums and a pounding bassline. “Yami” follows next with a darker, more distorted vocal and a mild acid line that isn’t present throughout the whole song but will definitely make sure you know it’s there. The percussion coupled with spaced out synths are perfect for building up a set to that next level. Harder and more driving, “Pulgueiro Baile” is the third track on the EP and gets straight to the point with a percussive rift, a bit of acid breaks, and that distinct UK rave flavor—perfect for getting a midnight dance floor excited for what’s about to happen over the next few hours. 

The four track EP wraps up with “Sistema Baile” and its dubby groove. The track settles itself in with a Roland-1 synth and rolls throughout with a head-nodding, hypnotic beat. The minimalist nature of this track gives a haunting but soothing breakdown before dropping back into the high-energy, dubbed-out grooves. 

This “Supercontinent” EP is a testament to how far Kassian has come from the groove-laden House that they started out with to the now more broken-beat Techno that is so prominent right now. Be sure to check out the EP and catch the boys playing every Friday on Rinse FM. 

-Peter Stimson

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