not even noticed – “Source Transformation” (Faux Poly) [May 10, 2024]

The German duo hailing from Frankfurt and Leipzig respectively have been steadily releasing music since 2020 and have amassed quite the catalog over the past 4 years. With tunes coming out on Gated, Holding Hands Records, Craigie Knows and Chat Noir Rec., not even noticed have stayed true to their ghostly, Breakbeat sound while incorporating the 303 bassline. 

“Source Transformation” begins with a sublime Breakbeat song in “Light Beams” that features tripped out synths scattered throughout, driving percussion, and a pair of mysterious voices that will draw any crowd in. The 303 bassline is not as powerful as the rest of the EP but we’ll call this “Acid lite” as it comes in more during the second part of the song.

“Emargico” definitely calls upon the early 90s rave vibe with a stomper that gets straight to the point immediately. The haunting chimes coupled with the Acid bassline and quintessential 90s rave synth give a bit of a Trance feeling but that Breakbeat will just not quit. The third track “Low Grid” calls upon a slightly more dubby break that still features spatial synth work but with an even heavier low end. The Acid in this track is much more subtle but provides a somewhat soothing, tripped out addition to the already heavy bassline. This track brings back the memory of late 2000s Dubstep—that might be a dirty word these days, but the vibe is unmistakably there. “Astral Surge” closes out EP with an intelligent Breakbeat track that is reminiscent of atmospheric 2000s Trance with an effective Electro thrill. 

With the rise in popularity of Breaks again, not even noticed will surely be a duo that will get seen more and more. Be sure to check out the EP on Faux Poly and keep an eye out for these two in the future.

-Peter Stimson

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