Perc – “Fire In Negative (Million Remix)” (Perc Trax) [June 7, 2024]

This marks Millions’ second release on the king of Hard Techno’s imprint after “Rotopod.” His lockdown collaboration with Perc was featured on the “Forever 3” VA release at the end of 2022.

Taking things to a blistering 162 BPM, this remix of Perc’s 2020 semi-classic “Fire In Negative” appropriately features an amen break.

The track starts simply enough with a big distorted kick and a backbeat before bringing in the metallic clang of the original. After establishing the main hook, the track really pours the gas by adding some Jungle-style Breaks. Going into the breakdown a dark rave-y lead is added to the mix giving us a cooling salve after the 3rd degree burns we just received. Finally, the track concludes with a bang dropping us right back into the fire.

This “Fire In Negative (Million Remix)” is a fabulous addition to the Perc Trax catalog. We can’t wait to see more from Million. Looking forward to their debut EP on the label soon.

-Dylan Brady

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