Harrison BDP – “Third Time Lucky” (Lost Palms) [June 7, 2024]

The UK-based producer has been on the radar of Deep House and Minimal fans for years. With acclaimed releases on French outfit Berg Audio, Lobster Theremin, Yoyaku, and Phonica, it’s not hard to see why. 

Alongside contemporaries like Black Loops and Kolter, Harrison BDP has been making waves in Europe with stripped-back, groove-laden House. Whether sprinkling in a few Breaks here and there or just going flat-out House, Harrison has made a name for himself as one of the most in-demand producers at the moment. 

“Third Time Lucky” starts off with a bouncy, progressive track titled “Aether,” taking the ears on a sonic ride through lavish pads, minimal highs, and an acid line that establishes itself but isn’t the main focal point of the song. The title track goes into an even deeper soundscape of spacey synth work and subdued drums. Imagine a lush jaunt through the mountains while the sun sets.

“That Wasn’t A Micro-dose” starts out with a kick and distorted bell and slowly turns into a fun, chugging track filled with trippy synths and drawn out, hypnotizing chord progressions. Mellowing the crowd out during the early morning hours is precisely what this tune was made for. The final track, “Bottled Up,” features the chunkiest bassline of the whole EP and has more of that early 2010’s Deep House vibe paired with this new flair that’s been steadily on the rise. A haunting voice draws the ear back in just before a brief 303 groove finishes out the song. 

Harrison BDP has dialed in his unique dubby sound and this new “Third Time Lucky” is a masterclass in tripped-out, aural, Deep House bliss. Check out the EP and support your local music scene!

-Peter Stimson

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