Nullptr – “Distant Signals” (Fanzine) [June 28, 2024]

There seems to be a healthy dose of IDM-influenced heads who have found their way to Electro by reverse engineering the creative evolution of Autechre. After all, Autechre’s first album was by and large a statement about Electro and their B-Boy roots. Their successive albums went off into what they perceived Electro should have evolved into from the 1980s, some 40 years along. Some people have a huge respect for that evolution and continue it, but some blend that world together, such as Boris Divider and here with Eddie Symons, AKA Nullptr.

One thing is for certain, those who have come from this highly expressive experimental background are not scared of technology and understand the tools inside and out. They also grasp the full understanding of what it means to pair this futuristic approach and contrast it with the very human approach of soul, funk, and ill feelings. The dynamic of the two always makes for great music—in Electro, it’s just awe-inspiring to see it done right.

The whole “Distant Signals” release is absolutely dope. To demonstrate this example of technology-meets-soul and future funk, we can point out the angular rhythmic interactions of “Gekko7.” The complex Sh-101-styled bassline in “Exolon” coming up against the forlorn and drifting pads placing you on some lost exoplanet. Or the even heart-wrenching strings of “Styasol” and “Isotoxol Drift” that really lead you to a completely breathtaking place. And all of this, mind you, while tackling some truly advanced sequencing and rhythmic interaction.

It seems like Nullptr is right in the pocket here, exploring deeply advanced experimental rhythms, but also delivering some very pure feelings with a similar expertise. He possesses a very strong ability to capture the heart of the listener but also keep your head swimming in these nearly abstract beats. Just a great EP from start to finish and another great release from Nullptr that you can listen to over and over again. 

-Sean Ocean

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