SEGUE ONE  – “Everything’s A Rhythm” Incl. Break in Transmission, FGarciolo, RUPTURA Remixes (Primitive State Records) [July 12, 2024]

“Everything’s A Rhythm” alludes to the interesting kicks and percussion found in all four tracks, with 3 remixes contributed by artists: Break in Transmission, FGarciolo, and RUPTURA.

The title track, “Everything’s A Rhythm,” kicks off this Hypnotic and Deep EP by SEGUE ONE and is the most energetic of the four tracks, with its syncopated kicks and interesting bass lines that I would love to feel in a dark warehouse. The evolving percussion emphasizes the underlying meaning and feel of the entire EP in the title track. Looped samples that evolve in parallel to the combination of synths add both a touch of groove and some old-school House.

The second track on this EP is from Break in Transmission, who provides a really unique version of the title track with swirling rides that give it a bit more of a sharper, more metallic feel. 

Meanwhile, FGarciolo offers up a really cool remix with catchy sequencer combos that evolve perfectly into a groove that carries through the entire track. 

The final track on the EP, from RUPTURA, winds down this release with Industrial sounds and Techno textures that combine beautifully in this remix of “Everything’s A Rhythm”. 

Fans of Hypnotic Techno will dig this EP!


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