NYE Techno by COMPOUND 2019

That’s right. We’re back for more NYE Techno, and for this second edition we decided to keep cementing a formula we truly believe in, and that is top-quality techno with a lineup that highlights three important visions we have for our events:

1. To pay homage to artists that have paved the way for LA’s techno scene to be where it is today.
2. Give space to young, up-and-coming artists to perform in LA for the very first time.
3. Use our platform to bring techno pioneers and celebrated oversea artists to LA to perform on a COMPOUND stage.

Line-up /

STERAC (Klockworks, Mote-Evolver, // NE)
Reka (Bite Records // DE)
Drumcell (Observe, Dystopian // USA)

Resident Advisor

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