Florian Meindl – “OUTPUT 04” (FLASH Recordings) [Pre-Order for 11/27/20]

Berlin based Florian Meindl turns out another hard-hitting EP on his OUTPUT series for his renowned label Flash Recordings. 2 tracks ripe for frenzied dance floors, Meindl sticks to his guns and gives us 140bpm cream of the crop hard techno.

“Going Outside” starts it off with a chugging groove to keep the blood flowing before the title vocals and psychedelically filtered synth creep in to give a catatonic feel over the lavish drum programming throughout the rest of the track. “No Light” comes in heavy with a pounding kick and an eerie melody washed in a graceful delay to give off a dreamy but weighty feel that can’t help but induce immense foot-stomping.

The OUTPUT series continues to live up to its hype with Florian’s “OUTPUT 04”.

Grab the release here.

-Kai Loo

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