Machinedrum – “A View of U” (Ninja Tune) [10/9/2020]

One of the more ambitious albums I’ve stumbled upon this year, the production value alone catapults A View of U to the forefront of must listen to material.

Dreamy, melancholic, pumping beats that transport the auditory recipient to a futuristic plane. Machinedrum is clearly on a different level when it comes to executing composition. A welcomed melting pot of genre bending tracks, stretching from R&B, hip hop, and electronica, to jungle rhythms and even pop style radio jams. It’s hard to quantify the exact vibe being delivered at any given time, but it certainly creates a journey that begs to be revisited time and time again.

Favorite tracks: Kane Train Ft. Freddie Gibbs, Wait 4 You Ft. Jesse Boykins III, and Ur2yung.

Bandcamp Link

-Jack Plumb

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