Soft Crash – “Spritzkreig” (BITE Records) [11/27/2020]

Spritzkrieg is the latest release by Pablo Bozzi and Phase Fatale tandem called Soft Crash. Out on Bite Records, a serious mover and shaker of the scene, Mr. Bozzi uses his midas touch incorporating Disco and Mr. Fatale’s engineering superbly reinventing industrial -it gets to a point when you can’t tell whether you’re at Amnesia or the Berghain dance floor.

Three amazing tracks that do not let your body stay still! Busting industrial kicks for the arrival, Italo synths that transform the dance floor into a runway for the second, and more subtle ambiance for when you are having a spritz at der Garten with that neues FreundX for the third track.

Keep them coming boys. Alles ist gut!

Bandcamp Link

-Fern Mart

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