Newa “Observer 001” (Artist Release) [11/26/20]

Newa wants to keep things simple in her latest release; track titles, art cover, and great techno sound prove it.

We are met with pristine multilayered techno incorporating experimental sequences and evocative synths. Tranquility and introspection is what the first tracks incite us to, slow pace and quiet mood that increase progressively as drums become more evident. What makes central track, 3333333 so remarkable is that playful combination of ambient and experimental sounds adding texture and brightness. The constant change of sequence in the drums and effects gives a great feeling of listening to something fresh and new. In 444444, sequences and sound layering have a more classic structure, it’s the sampling that brings that ever present novelty – here which makes it hard to sit still while listening. The final tracks grow in energy and show great effects over more energetic sequences topped with hypnotic trance echoes and house drum kicks.

A very orderly yet groundbreaking body of work delivered by Newa, who seems to be suggesting to find peace and quiet as an antidote to the times we are living.

Bandcamp Link

-Fern Mart

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