Dj Deep – “Fosph” (Tresor) [12/04/20]

Dj Deep returns to Tresor Records after five years with a 5-track voyage into techno and synthesis ingenuity.

Introducing the EP, “Swamps” begins and ends in a chilled-out jungly atmosphere with a few minutes of pleasantly forward-thinking tribal grooves in between. “Tommy” bursts out next with another tribal percussion groove but this time accompanied with the sacred 909 kick drum at 130bpm, quickly followed by the rest of the drum counterparts, which ends up being a 5 minute masterclass in the classic machine’s use for techno. A modulated static noise opens up “Utrecht” followed by synth leads that give off a post-apocalyptic ambient energy to the short 2½ minute halfway mark of the EP. Like “Tommy”, the fourth track “Escape” also comes out knocking with a 4/4 kick, letting you know serious dance-floor techno is on the way, and while the similar calming reverb aura from the rest of the EP is present, it’s gratifyingly drowned out by the titanic techno synth and drum arrangement in front of it. “Demonstration” finishes off the enchanting EP with a minimal machine techno groove paired with the repetitive title vocal to give a feeling of reverie to end a highly satisfying listening experience.

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-Kai Loo

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