Irazu- “Love Crucified” (30D Records) [12/11/20]

Irazu plays with the idea of infinity in this latest release on 30D records.

We are gifted with elegant nearly experimental ambient industrial techno that assembles immensity. The prolonged intro in “Cal Rosal” progresses with a seamless combination of extended metallic sounds that get modulated and melted into an empty eternal space. Six minutes of industrial soft piercing that leave you inert. The intro drums of the initial track, which happens to name the EP, set you into a production line. The background extensive synths that progressively take over turn the track into an endless voyage with no horizon on sight; which leaves you weightless. “After Beaten” starts with a fast thump and dim synths that gradually grow into this idea of eternal motion. Horns come and go in a sort of elliptical orbit. As sound gains intensity so does the beating, both turning into danceable strains. Specially fit for dancing is the remix of the opening track. The sampling and the dance beats melt into this dark industrial banging with this mysterious outro engendering the feeling of inhabiting a power plant. T

he whole EP is full of contemporary post industrial scenery which seems ideal for introspective moments.

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-Fern Mart

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