Biemsix- “Apparently Meaningless Stories” (Enemy Records) [12/14/2020]

Minimal and electro, far off in terms of the techno universe, come together intuitively in this six-track album by Biemsix. Six tracks which have an electric charge over uncomplicated base lines forming a groundbreaking overall effect.

A great example of this is “Odino,” where very avant garde and hyperbolic sounds endlessly bounce off one another with different velocity. The rhythm builds this very new and attractive high voltage sound. With similar effect, elliptical electric wires lashing out and about is what initially comes out the first piece “Allegedly Safe.” The background synths hold together these convulsive waves of electric impression, endlessly undulating to finally settle down and vanish beyond the horizon with rhythmic sense. Equally engaging, electric charges kick off the closing track “Consequence of Consequences” as well. Rich textured techno that gains intensity as the track moves bringing back and forth waves of voltaic melodies recurring over very subtle murmuring base lines and suddenly collapsing this very inherent techno assemblage.

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-Fern Mart

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