Kessell – “Refuse To Conform” (Warm Up) [05/08/2020]

Half of the infamous Exium duo, Kessell delivered an incredible solo EP on one of Spain’s finest imprints, Warm Up Recordings for their sixty-second release. Let’s dive in and lose ourselves in this four tracker.

The release starts with the track  “Killing Vector,” a hypnotic, yet aggressive piece with multiple progressing and refined synths with familiar techno drums. This track takes us on a journey in which our endurance will be put at stake through a long driving techno tool hammer topped with sharp stabs. The following track « Crypto » starts with another approach: we are immediately taken in the core of the track with randomized patterns and an ingenious construction making us held in suspens. It will definitely disrupt the most solid dance floors. « Processed For Use » opens the B side of the record with ethereal delayed synths laying on hard hitting, stomping kicks and a driving bassline The last track, « Refuse To Conform », closes the release in a weirdly beautiful sci-fi experiment, almost feeling like a transmission intercepted from another world. This eponymous beast teaches us that differences must’n be put aside. This very elegant yet solid EP shows us once again the greatness of the Spanish scene through a very mental, polished and subtle approach with a layer cake of sonorities which will please the most difficult ears and parties.

Unfortunately the EP is sold out but you can still try to grab your copy on: Discogs

-Rodolphe Vidal

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