Nicolas Bougaïeff – “The Upward Spiral” (NovaMute) [July 24, 2020]

The mad scientist behind the light and deep record exploring the inescapable reality of inner suffering,
reflection of unresolved pain in the untouched territory. Nicolas Bougaïeff’s methodical approach lends
a more superficial sound with sustained repeat and robotic motion of tracks that serves as a subliminal
trap of low expectation.

With the instant bulging intensity, prolonged repeat of a harsh foreplay and unforgiving penetration of sound, there is a scornful resistance to subtlety which keeps us on the surface before an eventual breakthrough of unorthodox scream of ‘Nexus.’ It is a manic outsider bringing a wild row of sounds exchanging hits of rage and joy. A perfect mix of untamed aggression sinking into a sweet dynamic flow of measured excitement and play hanging over the edge. It serves as a perfect precedent to ‘Flying High’ which at last delivers sentiment moving to the surface of a beautiful climax, supported by everchanging levels of synth and drum patterns. The impulsive yet satisfying transition of otherwise rough sounds that intertwine to create an everlasting spiral shooting upwards makes the drawn out backing so much more seductive. A slight isolation of sound along with subdued boldness set perfect stage for the more vulnerable ending, a sweet agony hiding within.



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