Amplify Series 012: The Fifth Stigma

Dirty Epic welcomes aboard its resident The Fifth Stigma for the twelfth episode of its Amplify Series podcast.

American-born, now living in Paris, France, The Fifth Stigma is an esoteric musical project.

Tired with the direction of contemporary techno, The Fifth Stigma aims to craft a slow, heavy, and raw metallic techno, influenced by history, emotions and obscure world music, driven by a blend of several genres in times where everything seems to go faster and look alike.

Production wise, he refuses to conform to one genre, always exploring new sounds from different horizons, from liturgical to techno, noise to punk electronics, like body music transporting you in landscapes of desolation and agony with EPs released on cassettes and CDs.

His works have received support from many influential artists all over the world and is played by renowned artists such as Rommek, Tommy Four Seven and French duo Imperial Black Unit.


Soundcloud: @thefifthstigma

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