Microdot – “Legends Never Die ” (IHeartTechno) [November 11, 2022]

Chicago-based IHeartTechno Records label boss and Chicago Techno honcho Microdot fires off on his freshly launched but already notorious label with 2 track release “Legends Never Die” straight out of Chicago’s underground Techno movement.

IHeartTechno. The name inspires nostalgia and memories of parties and ventures into the deepest recesses of Chicago’s underground Techno movement. From events at Exit to the Gotham series, IHeartTechno has become something of a common name attributed to the bustling nightlife of Chicago and its musical influences. At the forefront of the movement has been the laser focus of decades of musical influence, interest, and performances that has cultivated the name of a prolific artist on his own, Microdot.

While having been started in 2022, the label has already fired into the foregrounds of the underground music movement. Choosing to focus on local and regional artists for the launch, the label has featured several Chicago-based talent with remixes usually featuring producers from the midwest regions. “Legends Never Die” features Microdot in his own element on a musical scale.

Starting out the release, the title track “Legends Never Die” features a uniquely Chicago product. House-styled stabs with broken percussion over the top of a four-on-the-floor kick line beat through the auditory spectrum while a vocal loop repeats the name of the late House legend Paul Johnson. The piece strikes a resounding chord that echoes an ode to the history of the legends that came from the Windy City. 

“Where We At” shifts gears into groovier and more minimal-influenced sounds before plunging headlong into the production qualities that have become commonplace when the name Microdot is uttered. Airy reverb selections on various hats and cowbells over a plucky bass line brings thoughts of warehouses and parties dotting the landscape of the city over the years.

The release pays homage to the city that has built the label and artists that have become prolific throughout the history of its influence both stateside and abroad. While still being a fledgling in its time in the public purview, IHeartTechno Records and Microdot have shown the tenure that has gone into curating the label and its interest. “Legends Never Die” is a fitting title showing the label means business, and it’s here to stay.

-Colin Cook

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