Amplify Series 055: Endlec

Dirty Epic welcomes aboard @endlec for its fifty fifth episode of Amplify Series.

Endlec is a Greek electronic musician, DJ, record producer, and label owner that has focused on techno since 2014.

Production-wise, in the last few years, Endlec (aka Tasos Andriotis) has released records on prolific labels such as Mord, Hex, Clergy, Children Of Tomorrow, Gen X, Analogue, Eternal Damnation, New Trax Imports, and his label, Renegade Methodz, that have established and solidified his name in the global techno scene.
With a style and sound that is characterised by gritty, mind-bending sounds, solid kicks, and a classy, innovative sonic palette, he has gained the respect of his peers and became influential by being totally true to himself.
As a DJ, Endlec is regularly touring abroad, mainly in Europe, presenting his perception of techno music which is always uncompromising, forward-thinking, and technically impeccable.

He also co-founded Unleash Your Energy, a series of events that have revitalised the techno parties scene in Thessaloniki hosting international heavyweights like Perc, AnD, Manni Dee, Scalameriya, KRTM, Tham, Acierate, Lorenzo Raganzini, The Brvtalist, Under Black Helmet but also turning the spotlight on up and coming artists such as Kalte Liebe, Melanie Havens, Vera Grace and crew members like Kosmâss, Celestia, Gaston NPR, HHxLT and Everlyn.


Soundcloud: @endlec


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