Amplify Series 064: Ly Sas

Dirty Epic welcomes aboard Ly Sas for sixty fourth episode of Amplify Series.

Ly Sas is Georgian electronic music producer and DJ. She started her musical path from a young age as a guitarist and a songwriter for various bands. Subsequently, she started making and performing beats. Later she moved to Prague due to film studies, where she rapidly became part of the city’s underground scene.

Throughout the years she has shown that she is an artist with an unstoppable drive, work ethic and particular character. Her music draws upon groovy techno but pulls ambient and synth textures into its orbit too.

She also plays an important part in ONYX line-ups together with Arnii and Fractions. She has taken part in several VAs such as Deestricted, Brvtalist Sound Recording and has released several EPs, one of them is a collaboration with Ryogo Yamamori on 951Beat. Currently she spends lots of time in the studio, preparing for the upcoming releases.


Soundcloud: @lysas106

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