Amplify Series 071: Monya

Dirty Epic welcomes aboard Monya for its seventy-first episode of Amplify Series.

Originally from Poland Monya is already based over a decade in Berlin. Since 2009 with her hard work and determination she has seen quick rise through the techno scene. This being visible by her playing alongside most known and respected artist with gigs in New York, Spain, France and allover the world. She played many Times in Tresor and on coolest underground Partys. She found her support from producers like Perc, Bas Mooy, Rebekah, Steve Stoll, Jeroen Search, Mike Parker on several of her own releases.She released her first album for BCR in 2013. In 2014 she launched her own label ‘Corresponding Positions’. Followed by the successful growth of the project, she involved herself in supporting new faces of the scene by realising their fresh and powerful sounds. She shows her biggest passion to industrial techno but doesn’t keep her productions in one range. Different approach and experimental sounds are easily visible in her Live sets.

In 2019, Monya was welcomed into the HANDS Family with her album “straight ahead”. The next release on the label “MORD” – challenge004 was successfully released in 2021.
After her baby break and corona pandemic, she came back to the stage with fresh live set at “Wroclaw Industrial Festival in Poland, alongside Winterkälte and Dive, also at the “Beats&Noise” in Germany.

In December 2022 came new Vinyl Release on HANDS “Einweg Ausweg Ende” where she collaborated with Hypnoskull and got amazing Crystal Geometry remix. In February 2023 toured in west coast USA in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and San Diego. Monya is about to release her second Album on mighty HANDS Label in Autumn/Winter this year.
Stay tuned for more noize…


Soundcloud: @monya
Bookings: [email protected]

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