Mutual Identities – “Razor’s Edge” (Self Release) [October 5, 2023]

Minneapolis power duo, Mutual Identities, release “Razor’s Edge” featuring remixes by 4 prolific and upcoming underground artists from the Twin Cities and beyond alongside two fresh cuts of pure Techno and groove-laden Breakbeats. 

The Minneapolis hardware and live performance duo known as Mutual Identities has been an imposing figure on their own for several years now in the Twin Cities and beyond. Since their “Rain” track circa 2019, the duo has taken the region by storm with their signature swing on Techno and House styles. Over the years, they’ve seen varying degrees of intensity both in the studio and on stage at events that have made the two members regular facets of the music industry, and for good reason. 

Self described as ‘an ever-changing sonic experience’, Mutual Identities has showcased a wide musical range and remarkably unique ear for their craft as evidenced from their past works, including their newest “Razor’s Edge”. With this release, the duo saw fit to bring in remixers for the first time. The roster includes other local figureheads, including Kajunga’s Berndt and regional promoter and power producer AKKO along with Lou Isn’t and Minneapolis artist Eyedubs.

The release starts off with two original selections by Mutual Identities which dance between Ambient and House. “Move ‘em Up” highlights a uniquely Miami Bass-styled cut before diving into Acid Dub fixtures in the album’s title track, “Razor’s Edge”. The originals showcase the progress and directional adaptability that have made the duo a mainstay in many respects. 

Moving into the remixes, Lou Isn’t fires off a Hardgroove-styled remix of “Move ‘em Up”. Fast paced and driving movements provide a new twist on an already well-crafted single. Next up, AKKO brings the rain with a deep and groovy edit of “Move ‘em Up”. Deep dives on low-end groove and atmospheric percussion coupled with a re-edit of the vocal out of the original drive the track into the far reaches of potential.

Coming into the final stretch, Berndt pushes a Dub-inspired take complete with swelling atmospherics and a lonely organ-style sequence that echoes in the background, creating an almost ominous but uplifting setting. Finally, Minneapolis-based Eyedubs wraps things up with a remix of “Razor’s Edge”. With a focus on the Acid tonality of the original and randomization of glitchy effects, Eyedubs brings the release to a tactful and high-noted end. 

-Colin Cook

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