VA – “The World of Monnom Black III” (Monnom Black) [September 29, 2023]

Monnom Black blesses the masses with the third installation of their “World of Monnom Black” series for an absolute behemoth of a compilation that spits track after track of futuristic Techno heat.

The “The World of Monnom Black III” release features an all-star cast of Techno visionaries ranging from original players like Umwelt and label boss Dax J, to some of the rising acts taking the scene by storm, such as Chontane and LA’s very own Selective Response.

The twenty tracks compiled across “The World of Monnom Black III” are almost otherworldly. An intense foray of cutting-edge, forceful jams that ooze style. Down the line, the compilation shines and delivers the goods. Great care was obviously displayed towards the project as the release offers more than just banging Techno for the dancefloor. 

Expansive and sweeping percussion manifests continuously throughout the release with eye-popping variation. Dax J’s output, “Passing Clouds”, rides the kick and hi-hats elegantly. Meanwhile, BENKHLIFA intriguingly compresses their kit to produce what sounds like air being stomped out of a bottle. The VA compilation features heady and dissonant melodies from tracks like Hadone’s “Euphoria” bring a strange, while still somehow comforting sentiment. 

The Techno community as a whole will be well off if these types of projects continue to blossom and thrive. Like-minded individuals with unique and stimulating artistic expressions, coming together in arms to produce a greater product. Hypnotic and groovy beats that stretch the status quo, with a take-no-prisoners attitude. A large thank you to Monnom Black and company for delivering such a hype and badass compilation with “The World of Monnom Black III.”

-Jack Plumb

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