D. Diggler – “Heroes Pt. 2” (Lucidflow) [November 17, 2023]

Andreas Mügge, aka D. Diggler, steps back into the Techno realm and adds onto the second installment of his Heroes series with “Heroes Pt. 2.” on the Berlin label, Lucidflow.

It seems like D. Diggler has been working in the deep and soulful center of deeper Tech House for a minute, and it’s really great to hear something that seems effortless and is a labor of love from the man who’s had quite a deal of success with a similar Techno sound in the past. What’s different here on “Heroes Pt. 2” though, is that D.Diggler has not forgotten his love for the hypnotic and rich Techno sounds in his past—he’s just influenced it with his soulful explorations this year. 

There’s an easygoing and loving groove behind tracks like “Polygon,” “Freiluft,” and “Gain of Function.” The tracks “Strobe” and “Murderna” illustrate that the fine line between Techno, Tech House, and House is as fine as a thread if you’re looking for the edges of hypnosis and softened industrial elements within them. “Genetic Waste” is a pure venture intro into Techno soul and the deepest hypnotic Techno. The entire album is sewed up with a journey of “Heroes Pt.1” and “Heroes Pt. 2” in a DJ mix led by D. Diggler himself. Which, when it hits streaming services later, should be a proper mind-expanding journey of groove, head nodding, and shoulder dipping for wherever you are in years to come.

Some of the difficulty of the scene at present is trying to remember so many names while simultaneously being on top of the newest cast-off tracks in the scene to be used as a calling card to get gigs. It’s obvious that D. Diggler is just out here exploring his heart, expressing effortlessly whatever it desires in a masterful way that few could ever dream of. 

When you talk about musicians, and you know.. ”real musicians”, one could say that it’s a signifier of someone who has no barriers with their instrument. Everything is an effortless flow, and the music just comes from imagination to the recording and straight into you as the listener. There are few people that can really do that like D. Digger at this stage in his career. 

It’s obvious that he’s having the time of his life, and there’s an exuberant joy in “Heroes Pt. 2” but there’s also a sedate mastery and an overwhelming sense of control and composure to his work. And furthermore, you get the feeling that the fame is inconsequential to him, since there’s no trend following here. This latest release by D. Diggler is just true freedom of the joy of expressing some of the purest and grooving Techno around in 2023.

-Sean Ocean

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