TineX – “The Groove Chronicles” (Numerus Records) [October 20, 2023]

Slovenian Techno producer and DJ TineX rolls out high-energy, grooving Techno selections for his debut on the German-based Numerus Records. Ignoring all pace setting, “The Groove Chronicles” sets dancefloors ablaze with its catchy and infectious nostalgia-inducing tracks prepared to make you sweat.

Fresh blood out of Ljubljana, TineX has found his production footing deeply embedded in Hardgroove. With distinct influences in old-school Techno, and having dabbled with House productions, Hardgroove seems the perfect place to have settled into, combining both the warmth and positive energy of House and relentless simplicity of original Techno. 

With the latest record, “The Groove Chronicles,” finding a home on up-and-coming Techno label Numerus, TineX sets forth on a rambunctious path, forging incessantly dance-able, full-throttle Dance Music fused with irresistible ‘90s vocal samples.  

The release features full-on piano House breakdowns paired with gospel-sounding lyricism, driving and grooving dark beats, elements of funk, and the perfect selection and placement of vocal samples from classic ‘90s tracks, such as 20 Fingers & Gilette’s “Short Dick Man”. 

The combination of old-meets-modern is nothing new, but this blending and the pull of vocal samples from the known helps to propel the animated grooves and keep your attention dead center. Avoiding high-pressure builds and nonsensical blow-outs, the groove is never interrupted, lending to a hypnotic and fervent spin.

An enthusiastic thrill ride, “The Groove Chronicles” is a dancefloor crusher that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Bringing the fun in troves, it is ready to accompany you to any activity paired with even a hint of intensity.  

-Jen Warra

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