Amplify Series 078: Ireen Amnes

Dirty Epic welcomes aboard Ireen Amnes for its seventy-eighth episode of Amplify Series.

Ireen Amnes is a producer, DJ and founder of the label and event series Under My Feet. Rooted in industrial – noise and experimental, her live hardware and DJ sets are moody and unpredictable, often exploring different mixtures of intensity.

Based in Berlin, Ireen’s musical odyssey commenced as a singer and instrumentalist in metal bands, eventually weaving her signature style into the world of electronic music.

Within her own productions, Ireen’s music transcends with distorted aesthetics, melancholic atmospherics, and deconstructed rhythms, evident in recent works such as a collaboration with Drew McDowell of Coil; her latest EP on Tresor Records; the collaborative EP ‘Unravelling’ alongside Kamikaze Space Programme and the new live project with Infinity Division fka Minimal Violence ’s.a.t.i.n.’.
Her first full-length LP ‘In The Land Of Silence,’ released in 2020 through Sonic Groove Experiments, received critical acclaim, with reviewers praising the emotional depth conveyed through moving melodies and rumbling drones.

Ireen’s live shows have seen her play venues like Berghain, Funkhaus, Iklectik, Macao, and Kraftwerk. As a DJ, she has performed in iconic spaces such as Tresor, Basement, Warehouse Elementenstraat, Fold, and countless other European clubs and DIY parties.
She frequently shares stages with esteemed artists like Drew McDowell, Hiro Kone, Phase Fatale, Alessandro Adriani, and Chloe Lula, crafting sets that captivate audiences with an unpredictable and eclectic journey through the intricate realms of electro, wave, industrial, techno, and experimental music.

Regardless of the genre Amnes’ music does (or doesn’t) fit into, its intense dynamism, nuance, and emotive power represent the expressions of a deeply complex and passionate artist.


Soundcloud: @ireenamnes

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