Coefficient – “Infolding EP” (Unspace Records) [December 1, 2023]

UK’s Coefficient drops a spaced-out, hammering subterranean Techno EP titled “Infolding” with their Unspace Imprint. Sci-fi-styled soundscapes coupled with pulsating touches create a dance between late-night warehouse beatdowns and ambient textures to create a perfect storm fit for any auditory destination.

For nearly a decade and a half, UK-based Coefficient (Pat Cooper) has been towing the proverbial line between the abstract expressionism and telltale Techno core structures. Dystopian, cinematic ambiance coupled with a deep and resonating style has become something of a forte for them over the years, leading to the culmination of their Unspace Records.

Over the years, their unrelenting drive and releases have found their way into various corners of the globe and imprints therein. Pat’s Unspace Records however, has showcased some of their more intimate and personal works over the years, and this is especially prevalent in their “Infolding” EP.

“Infolding” is a tactful curation of both dancefloor stompers and House-styled tunes alongside some more ambient and ethereal cuts. The release starts out firing on all cylinders with a throbbing, four-on-the-floor, late night cut “M Sigma” before diving headlong into the dark and haunting melodies that make up the title track. Rounding out the last half of the release, Coefficient has two variants of “Meissa”. The Space Mix couples broken beat percussions with a sweeping synth straight from the depths of deep space, whereas the Planetary Mix wraps the EP off with a more House-oriented variant. 

The eclectic style and formatting of “Infolding” makes it a winning pick for anyone looking for something with variety to dance the night away into the early mornings. 

-Colin Cook

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