VA – “Federation of Rytm III” (Mutual Rytm) [February 2, 2024]

Debuting to a sold-out release, Mutual Rytm has much to celebrate, ringing in two years of being on fire with an impressive 30-track vinyl box set, and 6 digital bonus track selections. Over the span of a 3-hour journey, the carefully curated track selections have been intentionally arranged for the optimal listening experience front to back. Mutual Rytm is well known to deliver quality, and this release surpasses all expectations with ardent listeners describing the compilation as containing ‘only bangers’, ‘one of the best techno releases ever seen’, and ‘timeless’.

In just two short years, Mutual Rytm has taken hold of the Techno scene as an epoch-crafting initiative that has pioneered new concepts and actively sculpted for the future era, redefining the trajectory of the sound of Techno. With 20 acclaimed releases under their belt, they’ve been deemed a favorite label and go-to for many Techno enthusiasts and influential DJs on account of their deliberate take on innovation and their ability to bring a collective eminence without monotony.

Keeping the fire burning, 2024 embarks the first year of SHDW’s (Marco) complete Mutual Rytm takeover, as initially founded by the duo SHDW & Obscure Shape. While many have been curious as to what the future will hold of their beloved label, “Federation of Rytm III” leaves no doubt that the imprint will continue with an undeniable fervor. Having taken nearly a year to compile, Marco has revealed that he will try to release one VA per year for Mutual Rytm. Among other revelations, Marco has teased that we can expect at least two more MR releases in the upcoming months, and a top-secret special edition artistic vinyl set to only have something like 45 pressings worldwide. Be sure to keep your eyes on this label!

Contained inside this treasure trove are tracks from legendary icons, up-and-comers, and fan favorites all in one. Spanning multiple generations, this entire release delivers an encyclopedia of modern sound, touching on cavernous, deep, raw, luminous, dub, and hypnotic elements. Surprisingly playful, the VA even delves into IDM and alternative sounds, fleshing out the full potential of Techno-driven rhythms. At ease in the hands of such quality productions, the compilation provides an instant calming effect, acting as an instant stress reliever. Its resonance is evident—the collection gives the feeling of adding years to your lifespan in pure life force energy.

Standout tracks include an appearance from the Legendary Blawan, with dark and gritty bass pulser “Don’t You Dare Squawk at Me”, a 6am villain arch with tunneling sensation from Lar Huismann with “Conductor”, a classic representation of the spirit of Techno in SLV’s “Liminal Space”,  a superior pace setter with ANNĒ’s “Outrun” and an atmospheric bomb that will have you contemplating your life as if it’s a movie with VILLA’s “Watering Dead Plants”. It is nearly impossible to choose a favorite from this ineffable collection.

-Jen Warra

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