Minus Magnus – “Voices Remixes” (Mhost Likely Black) [March 8, 2024]

Each remixer brings their own unique takes to the table in a powerfully inspiring release that blurs the lines between genres and reality. Evident across the entire “Voices Remixes” are IDM-meets-Electro and deeper intrinsic values. The imprint itself has been around since roughly 2019 and features prominently Magnus’ own works including a spectacular remix of Slam’s “Exhibit One” cut. 

In January of this year, the label released an earth-shattering IDM breaks album titled “Voices”. The release showcased a versatile culmination of works by Minus Magnus and has been supported by renowned talents from the industry. It would make sense with such a momentous release that a remix collection would quickly follow in its stead, and Mhost Likely Black delivered on a wonderful scale with the “Voices Remixes” release.

The album showcases four underground and tenacious artists in their own rights, who all bring out a unique and inspiring twist to the already star-spangled originals. Focused on Break Beat and subtle Electro-styled designs and influences, the album covers ground en masse with its diving into melancholic tones and high energy segmentation. 

As with the original, “Voices Remixes” promises to be another influential album laying the foundation for a bright future of both Minus and the imprint in kind. 

-Colin Cook

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