Mabel – “Pleasure Phonetix” (Step Ball Chain) [February 16, 2024]

Clever and intricate Electronica spew from the five-tracker release, “Pleasure Phonetix,” with a high-class delivery. Mabel has cemented her place in Melbourne with a string of scintillating drops, incorporating poignant, driving bass, highly intelligent composition, and a pinch of tribal mysticism. The album combines pinpoint grooves and clever breaks to uplift the thoughtful instrumental design.  

Techno encapsulates so many ideas and feelings with a forward drive and acute attention to detail. “Pleasure Phonetix” takes these pillars and builds on them, constructing a raw amalgamation of energy and style. Mabel isn’t afraid to shake it up a bit when it comes to effects and vibe. The symbiotic relationship between playfulness and rigid structure aligns to make some seriously catchy shit.  

The future of electronic music lies in righteous, young hands. With Mabel in Melbourne, in Berlin, everywhere. With such a massive influx in production, we hope to see artists like Mabel continue to shine bright and push progress forward.

-Jack Plumb

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