Logic1000 – “Mother” (Therapy) [March 22, 2024]

Logic 1000 (aka Samantha Poulter) has created a record that redefines modern House music in a way that highlights divine feminine energy and has no need for roughness or ego. It is a story that is thoughtfully woven from experiences. Trails in imposter syndrome, struggles with mental health, becoming a parent, and confidence are all transformative moments embedded in this luscious sonic tapestry. 

The “Mother” album comes to the masses just as the first spring blossoms have peaked their heads, perhaps a coincidence but nevertheless, a clever nod to birthing life, just as this album will give you life. While fans have long championed Samantha for her unique delivery of dance music, this one hits noticeably deeper than her previous works.

With a title like “Mother,” you can already expect certain commonalities with the essence of motherhood, but in addition, the creation also highlights solely underground female guest features, making the lean towards the feminine ever present. A self-proclaimed ‘love letter to house music’, the album is beaming in soft heart energy. Having started the creation of the album during a time when she felt broken and finishing it in a creative resurgence after the birth of her daughter, the joys and challenges permeate through creating a texture that whispers melodies of the subconscious. The ambitious 12-track album melts together seamlessly, delivering a captivating reverie where each song feels like a natural extension of the last. Logic herself recommends listening front to back for the best experience. 

Bass-heavy, Garage, Ambient—these are all words that could describe “From Within”. Pumping through the system, it focuses on rhythm and percussion to circularly elevate. While “Promises” builds on the slow and rich soundscape, adding sensual vocals from Rochelle Jordan. “Can’t Let Go” picks up the pace ever so slightly, whirling through ethereal bliss like spinning on a carousel. Left-field House notes that are slightly out of tune give a playful energy and the vocals add a juicy femininity to the track. The extra-groovy “Side By Side” spins right in with super groovy House chords. 

One you won’t soon get out of your head, “Self To Blame” is a spring anthem for the alt girlies with its ultra catchy lyrics and infectious melody. It’s perfectly balanced to be on your long-term shuffle. Sticking with the sass, “Cartier” is reminiscent of 90s R&B, very much giving sultry Toni Braxton vibes. “Heartbeat” is a slow burn packed with contemplation and mystery. It gives space for aloof thoughts and hip shaking. “Saint Rex”’ greets you immediately with a very playful nature. The push and pull in the beats create movement, and the lofi-feeling vocals add a funky but relaxed tone. 

“All U Like” has a cheeky interpolated beat that builds intrigue as vocals seep through and a Donnie Darko-esque organ melody crawls through to haunt you. “Every Lil” combines all the sultry and sexiness of the previous tracks with a slow and slithering rolling drumbeat, resulting in an exquisitely soft and comforting track, like a warm blanket on a chilly day. “Oceanic” is cool, crisp and feels as if an ocean breeze is permeating straight through the speakers. 

Wrapping up the release, “Grown On Me” delivers a vibrant energy, gently teasing the chords and gradually building up the bass for a mesmerizing, rhythmic flow. This funky groove closes the album like feeling like you ate a full meal. Such a warm and stellar release—one that effortlessly unfolds to enhance any gathering.

-Jen Warra

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