VA – “Groovestone Chronicles” (Mammboh Rhythms Records) [April 4, 2024]

While Medellín’s Mammboh Rhythms Records is fresh on the scene, they deliver dancefloor weapons like seasoned veterans. A certified label to watch, it is curated and founded by the Sons of Hidden duo, Juan and Sergio. With Medellín being dubbed the Techno capital of South America, its thriving underground scene comes as no surprise. 

Being a source of unique artistic expression, MRR is perfectly positioned for a global takeover. With aims to marry the sounds of modern Techno with a cadence that resonates with the wisdom of their ancestors, they deliver a musical journey through “Groovestone Chronicles” that elaborates and enriches our connection to music. The first in a series of releases, it will feature a double vinyl, an incredible illustration by Angelica called “La de los tiburones”, a coordinating t-shirt, and a part of the mesmerizing tale they wish to convey.

Digging deeper than making music for the sake of dancing, Mammboh Rhythms is enthusiastic about sharing narratives through their music. For those willing to listen, the compilation has collected special grooves from locations across the globe. Their tale transports you to a mystical portal in the Andean mountains, where the ancestral messages of Chasqui spirits illuminate the valleys and demonstrate music’s incredible power to unite distant lands. 

The entire compilation is high-energy, and the sounds exude brightness, vibrancy, and life. The tempo remains resolute, with an unwavering resonance that propels forward without pause. The magic created within relies more on groove than classification, spanning influences of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, Dub and Experimental.

The 9-track collection immerses you in polyrhythms that flood your body with energy. Standout tracks include, ‘Humantay’ from SOH & Cravo, Åre:gone’s ‘Danza Del Fuego’, Hertz Collision with ’Sidereal Reflections’ and ‘Ceiba’ from Serge Andre. ‘Humantay’ feels like a call directly into your soul. The pulse of the drum feels like something you’ve known all your life and takes place of your heartbeat instantly, giving a warm, embracing feeling. The chaos is perfectly organized in a way that frees your mind from careless thoughts or worries. A tune that will forever play in the rooms of your subconscious. ‘Danza Del Fuego’ feels like a trek through the jungle under the moonlight. The beat rummages through, massaging your brain, and you can hear spirit animals in the distance giving an inviting and organic feel. ’Sidereal Reflections’ hits like a fever dream, only this is the kind of fever you want. Hot and heavy, and pumping through your bloodstream with no regard for your safety, only to keep precipitating into a trance. ‘Ceiba’ delivers the same relentless energy, pooling vibrancy and shooting it back out again, running like a jaguar on the kill. 

The unfurling of this record gives an intimate voice to high-energy Techno, challenging our perceptions about what makes a groove meaningful. No need for contextualizing, this is the kind of record you feel. A record so satisfying to listen to, that once it ends, the ensuing silence feels like a chasm.

-Jen Warra

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