Rene Wise – “Moving Pressure 01” (Moving Pressure) [April 12, 2024]

Rene Wise has touched upon a great winning formula with his music, and he’s holding on to his guns here with this four-tracker “Moving Pressure 01” release. 

Wise explores new ground here with the atmospheric interaction of elements. In the past, the artist has kept things relatively dry and jacking with some nods seemingly to Chicago House. However, the interstitial improvised atmospherics in “Escaping Siro”, as well as the much deeper “Lonely Singing” signal a new interest in sound design and express a joyful energy in the discoveries. The layering of these elements under his well-articulated straightforward beats guides the track forward, creating a very clean and satisfactory tension and release.

The real hat trick to most of Rene Wise’s music really comes from being able to come up with consistently competent music with so few elements, yet not doing it in a typical minimal techno style. The track “Dry Beetle” is a perfect example of this. Rene Wise has truly cracked the code on captivating the listener and how exactly he does that is mysterious and magical.

Salute to Rene Wise on another great release and congratulations on starting a new label for us all to eagerly follow.

-Sean Ocean

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