VA – “SECV001” (Seclusion) [April 5, 2024]

The Seclusion VA comes to vinyl pressing for the first time, teasing a limited supply that is sure to move quickly. Powerful and trippy, “SECV001” contains strictly raw Techno cuts, with hypnotic phasing and ultra keen percussion work. How could a record with Elyas, Anta, Geto Mark, DJ Deeon, DJ Sack, Mark Broom, Ben Sims, and The Infamous Player not be outstanding?

Ben Sims steps up to the plate first with an enigmatic remix of Elyas and Anta’s “Real 13130 G’s”.  In one word, the track is simply groovy. A sultry percussive gallop melds with funky organ stabs to produce smooth decadence. Echo is used gracefully to add under seeded layers of sonic context. “Real 13130 G’s” screams day party material, or perhaps a winding down afters.

The “In this house” (Elyas 13130 rework) receives a tripped out, dubby treatment, adding starchy, crisp drum work and droning bass drawls. In addition, Elyas absolutely crushes the “003” remix by The Infamous Player—a track cemented in the Techno archives.

Mark Broom’s “Triumph” remix attacks with high velocity cymbals and warped synth lines, creating a soulful and ambient atmosphere. At around the second minute in, Mark conducts gorgeous horns, serving as a momentary breakdown before quickly being superseded by booming kicks and claps.

When it comes to Techno, “SECV001” is about as solid as they come. Exactly what you want in a remix package. Just true heads in the game delivering real-deal substance, with no frills.

-Jack Plumb

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